Branded content

Technical specs

Branded content conditions

  1. All branded content will be tagged “Time Out Promotion” so we do not betray our audience, and to fulfil legal requirement.
  2. Company names will not be included in the title unless it is the actual event or venue name and users associate the company with the event or venue. (E.g. ‘St George OpenAir Cinema’: is acceptable. ‘Keystone Group restaurants’: is not).
  3. ™ or R will not feature in the article headline but will be marked at the bottom of the article.
  4. Company logos, advertising creatives and stock photography cannot be used as images for any article. Conceptual images in landscape format must be provided and no other images will be accepted.
  5. Content images must also be a different image to any banner advertisements.
  6. Promotional editorial content will be live for a minimum period of 1 week from the date of publication. The promotional article will remain live for one week, or until the event has passed. After promotional content has fulfilled this live period, Time Out editors reserve the right to alter text and images at their discretion.
  7. In the case of the sponsored content being an event: the relevant editor’s unbiased write-up will be published as soon as it has been reviewed. Reviews can not be amended in any way.
  8. For all advertorial content – two rounds of approval are allowed. Any further changes after this will incur an additional fee.
  9. Delay to deadline incurred by the client will result in the client’s approval time being penalised and will not be deducted from Time Out’s creative schedule.
  10. Promotional slogans can be incorporated into the sponsored promotional box at the end of the article. All other areas of content are subject to Time Out editor discretion.
  11. Time Out has a particular formatting style, to which all articles must adhere. Any deviations from the official style guide that are requested by the client will be at the editor’s discretion but not guaranteed.
  12. Requests for changes can only be submitted for content produced for the current campaign.
  13. At Time Out we know our audience the best and we have a strong focus on user-friendly content. Time Out will have the final say on all content produced for clients to ensure the best results.