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We employ a team of expert critics to deliver the most credible guide to city life on the market. Our team of local editors and experts pour their passion into Sydney and Melbourne’s pre-eminent art and entertainment magazines.

Time Out Sydney and Time Out Melbourne magazines are highly-curated, best-of bundles of features, original photography and critics’ picks. Each quarter, we curate and package the best of city life for our audience of social adventurers and cultural explorers. Expect independent reviews and previews across art, film, food and drink, music, theatre and more.


Position Time Out Sydney Time Out Melbourne
Inside Front Cover (IFC) $9,375 $7,031
Inside Back Cover (IBC) $8,625 $6,469
Outside Back Cover (OBC) $9,750 $7,313
Double Page Spreads
DPS (First third) $15,600 $11,700
DPS (First half) $14,300 $10,725
DPS (Run of mag) $13,000 $9,750
Full Pages
Full Page (1st RHP) $8,625 $6,469
Full Page (1st half/RHP) $7,875 $5,906
Full Page (Run of mag) $7,500 $5,625
Fraction ads
Half Page* $4,000 $3,000
Quarter Page $2,250 $1,688
Eighth Page $1,250 $938

Special ops

Front cover bellyband $900 per 1,000
Front cover gatefold $700 per 1,000
Front cover tip on $600 per 1,000
Bound inset $350 per 1,000
Loose inset $350 per 1,000