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Client testimonial

“I needed to launch my album at a time when nobody was paying much attention to the music scene, and I needed to keep my brand relevant. Time In Sessions enabled me to do both those things, as well as giving me some serious reach.”

Josh Pyke

Campaign objectives

Time In Sessions curate the best of the city’s experiences in a digital realm – entertainers, musicians, comedians – and deliver them directly to our readers’ screens. 

We wanted to help our readers continue to do the things they love in our cities but experience them in a new and exciting way. With more people experiencing an at-home 9-to-5 working day, we wanted to give them a bold new virtual nightlife once they clock off. The aim was to make the Time Out Session a portal to outside experiences from the comfort of your own home, featuring new live content from the entertainers we’re all missing.

The idea

Due to the pandemic, singer-songwriter Josh Pyke had to re-think his album launch. Instead of hitting the road on his sold-out tour, Josh partnered with like-minded brands to bring the concert experience into the home. (The ARIA Award winner’s latest album Rome includes the appropriately named single ‘Home’.) 

Time Out enlisted two external partners to help bring this to life: White Bay Brewing and Sonos. The purpose of this was to highlight the importance of community marketing and the ritual of the home experience. White Bay provided the perfect backdrop because it was located right near the house Josh grew up in (immortalised in his 2007 hit single ‘Middle of the Hill’), while Sonos emphasised the theme of amplification of music in the home. Josh with the music, White Bay with the space and Sonos with the sound – combining forces for a Covid-safe concert to enjoy from the comfort of your lounge room.

In addition to the viewing opportunity, Time Out ran a competition for viewers to enhance their night in. The winners received beers from Sydney’s newest craft brewery, Sonos speakers to create the concert sound at home, and pizzas from Salt Meat Cheese.

Campaign execution

This campaign involved not only great engagement (see below). All parties involved featured on the branding, received hyperlink mentions in the content, a thank you in both content pieces, and there was an opt in to sign up to their newsletter. 

There were three main drivers for this campaign:

  1. Awareness for the upcoming gig, including teasers 
  2. Enter the competition 
  3. Video/gig views  

Time In Sessions With Josh Pyke

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The performance 

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