Kiama Council Bushfire Recovery

“Thanks so much Bryan, we are very happy with the results and the intel. It has been a pleasure working with you both.”

Karen Ronning, Manager Tourism and Events, Kiama Municipal Council

Campaign objectives

  • Let people know that Kiama was open after the bushfires
  • Highlight the reasons to visit Kiama
  • Bring visitors to the local businesses in Kiama

The idea

In early 2020, after the bushfires, there were a lot of unknowns about where people could go safely in NSW and what was still open. Towns that rely on summer tourism were still affected by reduced tourist numbers.

To combat this, we created a content-led campaign highlighting the many great places to visit in Kiama. We covered tourist attractions, eateries, vineyards, breweries, bars, markets, spas, activities and natural wonders such as the rainforest, the beach and the famous blowholes.

To further support the local business in Kiama we included hyperlinks in the content for as many local businesses as possible in each section.

Campaign execution


Both sponsored and organic posts

On-site content driver

Targeted content drivers on our website


Newsletter inclusion

Our straightforward campaign and execution was designed to appeal to audience preferences.

  • Our list style of content is a staple of Time Outs around the world. It’s familiar, readable and sought after.
  • Our readers also love prescribed itineraries and content that helps them plan their travel.
  • Surveys have told us that our audience identifies themselves as influencers in their social circles. By consuming our content covering a range of interests, readers could quickly become authorities on Kiama.

This campaign also came at a time when Australians were encouraged to “Holiday Here This Year”. We were able to get this message out in a timely fashion.

How we worked

  • Developed campaign idea with the client and our commercial and editorial teams.
  • Campaign sign off. Timelines, workflow and delivery agreed. 

  • Content and design developed by Time Out and offered to client for approval.
  • Client revisions and final approvals. 

  • Campaign live (ongoing campaign management and optimisation)
  • Post-campaign report delivered with in-depth analysis of results.

The results

On a budget of less than $5k, the content received over 7,700 unique page views with an average dwell time of over three minutes – twice the average dwell time. Facebook elements received 740 reactions, 140 comments, and 90+ shares. The eDM open rate was 30% higher than our benchmarks.


Unique page views


Average dwell time


Facebook reaction


Facebook comments


Facebook shares


eDM Open rate

Time Out says

This campaign was designed to support a community that had seen a heavy decline in their tourist numbers, and its success helped make a difference. Our audience are active experience enthusiasts keen to support the tourism industry as best they can. Their support makes it possible for us to help councils like Kiama drive visitation to their areas.

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