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Client testimonial

"As part of our exclusive media partnership, Time Out executed a great campaign for Council's premier food festival, Liverpool on a Roll, ensuring the message got out well beyond the boundaries of the Liverpool Local Government Area."

Liverpool City Council

Campaign objectives

  • Highlight Liverpool City Council area as a destination for food, arts and culture
  • Drive attendance and awareness of the Liverpool on a Roll event
  • Create a brand alignment and partnership that is mutually beneficial

The idea

The Liverpool on a Roll event highlights the Liverpool City Council area as a diverse food and culture destination that unites people from all walks of life. The event celebrates Liverpool’s vibrant, growing community and the many cultures that make Liverpool a hub for food, arts and culture at an accessible price point.

Campaign execution

Time Out’s editors created engaging content that drove awareness and attendance to the Liverpool on a Roll event and the Liverpool City Council area as a destination for exciting, must-try international cuisine. 

We then drove traffic to the content piece through a mix of media that included, eDM, social and website.

The content piece smashed our average page views and was one of our highest performing content pieces for that week. Page views include clicks from Facebook, Instagram, eDM drivers as well as organic searches.

How we worked

The Time Out and Liverpool City Council partnership was mutually beneficial and an example of great brand alignment celebrating food diversity. Time Out was highlighted as a media partner for the event receiving brand recognition at the event and in the pre-event marketing. 

Throughout the campaign Time Out and Liverpool City Council kept a strong and open line of communication, this allowed for quick updates to content sells and added bonus media. 

We thoroughly enjoyed partnering with the LCC team on this campaign.


The content listing received a whopping 9,317 page views and the average time spent on the page was 2.25. Our standard average dwell time is 1:50, meaning high engagement and interest from our readers.

Time Out says...

We look forward to partnering with Liverpool City Council on upcoming events throughout the remainder of our partnership and beyond. We love giving our readers the tools to discover and explore the Liverpool City Council area and the diverse cultural offering that make it so great.

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