“20% of Melburnians polled identify with the avocado, more than any other emoji. Fact.”

Time Out Australia

Campaign objectives

Bank of Melbourne (BOM) asked for our help to launch a unique set of Melbourne-themed emoji stickers, the MelbEmoji Sticker Pack, which consumers receive when they download the BOM app. Our broad objective was to simply raise awareness of the stickers through the Time Out audience network, ultimately generating app downloads and Sticker Pack usage.

Download the app here:

The idea

To generate awareness, trial and genuine advocacy, our idea was to promote the stickers through a bespoke Melbourne-themed personality test… asking Time Out Melbourne readers ‘which sticker are you’. We would go deep, pitching such transcendental questions as: Are you an avocado at heart? Or does your soul take the form of a vintage tram?

This Time Out Quiz would be supported by feature content, display advertising and a omnichannel promotional suite, targeting our most engaged smartphone users.

Campaign execution

Time Out Quiz
Inviting Time Out readers to discover which of Bank of Melbourne’s stickers best represented their personality, our campaign centrepiece was a very scientific quiz.
4,300+ people started the quiz
3.900+ people got to the end of the quiz
7,000+ loads of the quiz
4,600+ engagements
1 min 39 sec ave. time spent on quiz
Supporting content
To help raise awareness of the stickers, we thought up uses for a few of them (targeted at those readers who’ve overused their go-to crying cat face)
13,924 total page views
12,619 unique visitors
2 mins 42 sec average time on page
High impact takeover
App downloads were supported by high-impact takeovers on all Things to Do and Bank of Melbourne content pages, for the duration of the campaign
Combined display takeover metrics
1,329,416 combined impressions
818 clicks
0.06% ave. CTR
Facebook posts
The reach of the quiz was extended through Time Out Melbourne’s Facebook page
324,436 impressions
202,831 people reached
11,271 post clicks
689 reactions
Newsletter promotion
We spoke to the most engaged segment of our audience through two tiles in Time Out Melbourne’s weekly newsletter
Combined newsletter metrics
202,628 sends
33,690 opens
1,532 total clicks
9.42% CTR
Supporting display
Additional billboard display space was also deployed throughout the campaign period
Combined display takeover metrics
1,329,416 combined impressions
818 clicks
0.06% ave. CTR
Dedicated solus newsletter
Finally, the quiz was delivered to 66,100+ active newsletter subscribers, via a 100% SOV solus campaign.
Combined newsletter metrics
202,628 sends
33,690 opens
1,532 total clicks
9.42% CTR

Time Out says

This was a relatively small and simple omnichannel campaign for Time Out, but nevertheless it was a well-targeted drive that delivered a huge return on investment for our client. The MelbEmoji Sticker Pack campaign is also an example of well-cast brand alignment, pitching an appropriate product to an appropriate and engaged audience.

Our readers responded positively to the dry and quirky tone of voice and honest messaging (which was consciously product, rather than brand-driven), which resulted in the positive engagement metrics listed above.

The success of the product (fundamentally a promoted personality test) sets a high benchmark for future iterations of the Time Out Quiz.

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