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“We were rapt with the San Francisco Travel campaign to promote the new Qantas MEL-SFO route. The Time Out team did a fantastic job at recreating San Francisco in Melbourne and the content and display campaign gleaned some fantastic results in raising awareness of this key new connection between the two cities.”

James Cooley, Senior Account Manager, Gate Seven

Campaign objectives

The campaign objective was to increase awareness of the new direct flight routes from Melbourne to San Francisco. The desirable outcome was to raise awareness and travel desirability.

The idea

The idea fell into two parts, the first being an event and second, content. The event was a white label execution whereby Time Out acted on behalf of San Francisco Travel to turn a local Melbourne venue into a San Francisco-inspired location for one night only.

The second part of the campaign was a series of pieces highlighting the best things to do in the City by the Bay.

The event was white label, with Time Out attending and curating a live Instagram story. However, the content was Time Out branded and pushed out via our content channels.

Campaign execution

The content series

  • A competition to garner event attendance
  • Five content pieces (including essential San Francisco things to do, eating and drinking, road trips, airport profile and district focus).  

All the content pieces provided a deep dive into Melbourne’s kindred-spirit city and urged readers to head over to San Francisco. The articles included calls to action.

The content series was amplified through our dedicated solus newsletter, weekly newsletter spots, and sponsored Facebook posts. High Impact Takeovers and strong display activity supported the content series.

The event

The event was held at Easey’s in Collingwood. Time Out converted the venue’s tram bar into a cable car with views of San Francisco icons. More than 80 guests drank Californian beers and wines and ate San Francisco-themed food. There was a DJ, roaming fotobox and gift bags. Time Out commissioned an artist to live-paint a mural of iconic Melbourne and San Francisco attractions, bringing the two cities closer together.

Guests were greeted with a ‘boarding card’ that allowed them to enter the quiz to win a trip to San Francisco. Quiz questions encouraged guests to move around the event to discover all the venue’s themed areas. Guests experienced a ride on a cable car; baseball and football games; and the neighbourhood of Haight-Ashbury during the Summer of Love.

The results

The campaign was successful and exceeded expectations. The San Francisco takeover party competition received over 800 entries and over a third of the entries opted in to the Visit California eDM. The content page dwell time was well above the Time Out average of 1.50 mins with pages ranging from 2.07 to 3.15 and each post across social receiving considerable likes and shares.

Time Out says

Over all, the campaign was a success. It was a great opportunity for us to highlight our white label services, demonstrating that we can act for the client and produce memorable experiences, supported by Time Out custom content.

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