Bastille Day Festival

Campaign objectives

The team at BBR Agency approached Time Out about creating a video to highlight the fact that SUEZ had teamed up with Bastille Day Festival to make the 2019 event plastic-free.

The idea

  • Raise awareness around sustainability in an upbeat, cheeky, yet still meaningful way
  • Educate festival goers on some simple ways to minimise their waste and help care for the environment
  • Highlight how Bastille Festival and SUEZ were working together to make the event more environmentally sustainable

Campaign execution

Time Out created a high-quality 90-second video to promote the partnership. We sent our Associate Editor, Liv Gee, to explore the Bastille Festival, interviewing attendees, stall holders, organisers and even the festival mascot, on the festival’s first day, throughout Circular Quay and the Rocks.

We then pumped the video out through teads and on our Facebook platform.

How we worked

From the sign-off date, Time Out turned around the video in under a week, and had it live just one day after shooting. This meant our audience still had three days to go visit the Bastille Festival for themselves, having seen event highlights in the video.

The results

Paid social media
With a 57% engagement rate, this video post performed extremely well on the paid social media placement. That means one in every two people who saw the video in their feed interacted with the post – watched the video, reacted, commented, or shared. We also found there was an even gender split in audiences who interacted with the social media placement. By combining two things the Time Out audience are already interested in – a food festival and sustainability issues – we were able to reach a wider audience, one that was also highly engaged.

The Teads on this campaign performed significantly over average, with an 0.88% CTR.

Time Out says

This campaign performed very well on our channels. More than 6,000 readers played the video all the way through (100%). It shows that our readers love video content and that the campaign’s message about recycling and sustainability at a food festival was one they were eager to hear.

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