Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Where does sponsored content sit on the site and where can I find it?
  • Sponsored content sits within the section most relevant to the subject. It remains on the site for four weeks and you can direct readers to this content through purchasing web page traffic drivers (You Might Also Like tiles), eDM placements or social media. 
How much reach does content achieve?
  • Content reach varies according to the topic, traffic drivers and length of campaign. Standard Time Out commercial content reach is generally between 3,000 to 8,000 page views. Time Out provide a conservative estimate during the sign-off process. We always suggest a mix of eDM and targeted social media drivers to ensure maximum reach.
Can you guarantee benchmarks on content?
  • We cannot normally guarantee benchmarks, but we will always work to an agreed set of KPIs. We recommend outlining these from the get-go and providing expectation from the client.
Can you geo target content or target a specific audience on TO sites?
  • All content will sit within the relevant section on the website and is available for all readers to view. Whilst we cannot geo target content, we can target the supporting display.
Can you buy a review?
  • No. Time Out’s value to its readers is its independent voice when it comes to venue reviews. This means we visit bars and restaurants unannounced and pay for our drinks and meals like any member of the public. While we may work with you on a commercial basis, this does not guarantee editorial. What we can guarantee is additional editorial support throughout the period at our discretion in terms of detail and platform. Working with us on a commercial basis, however, does mean that you are frequently raised internally, and thus is a good way to soft-sell your brand into the right editorial hands.
What is the difference between a listing, an extended content piece and a superlist?
  • A listing is a traditional piece of content (including dates and contact info) that provides an impartial overview of the subject in 250 words or fewer. Normally a listing is accompanied by one lead image, although where appropriate we can look to include a supporting image gallery and display creative.
  • An extended content piece provides more of a deep dive and may include up to 400 words, depending on the amount of information available and editorial discretion. Here, we can include a gallery (slideshow) and/or extra images throughout the text.
  • A superlist is a subdivided feature where each item can click through to other content. Superlists lead with an image and text overview, followed by up to five separate list items as standard. The number of list items is limited only by budget; however, we recommend no more than 15.
What styles of video does Time Out produce?
  • Time Out produces three styles of video as standard. The entry level video is an image-led video with text overlay. These videos are comprised of both still and moving images with text and sound effects overlay. These are often used for openings, announcements and overviews of festivals, events and activities.
  • The next step up is a moving picture video that provides voice overlay, interview and an edited feel.
  • The third video option is premium video, which involves our Time Out production studio, high quality visuals and slow motion at times.

Traffic drivers

Do you have performance benchmarks for traffic drivers and supporting display?
  • Yes we do. Please contact our Advertising Operations team for more details on our benchmarks. As a whole, Time Out is over 3 x more engaged than our competitors.
How is the eDM segmented?
  • The eDM is sent out to each city’s subscribers. We have one general database, then segmented audiences who are interested specifically in Food & Drink, Shopping and Travel.

Social media

What is the difference between a dark and live post?
  • An organic post is a paid post that sits on the Time Out city Facebook/Instagram feed alongside editorial posts.
  • A dark post is a targeted Facebook or Instagram ad directed to those with relevant interests. These ads reach active, engaged audiences who are looking to hear from Time Out when it comes to recommendations. We always recommend running social media ads with social campaigns to ensure your content is targeted and gets high-level engagement and results.
Can we do paid Instagram stories?
  • Instagram stories are available to purchase but must be in line with Time Out editorial guidelines. We recommend these for travel, lifestyle and hospitality clients. We also offer Instagram stories, image-led videos for feed posts and the opportunity to be featured in our Instagram highlights section.
Why is your social smaller than your competitors’?
  • Social media is an ongoing game. One week we may be smaller, the next larger, but it is not the size of the audience that matters so much as the engagement. Here at Time Out we will never say we are the biggest, but we will say we are the most engaged, with our readers really turning to us for a deep dive of inspiration. We receive the most shares, the longest dwell times and highest page views.
What does the social media charge include?
  • When purchasing social media through Time Out, the fee covers implementation, the right to use our channels, and amplification. It also includes up to two rounds of optimisation and AB testing (if required).
Can Time Out offer third-party boosting services?
  • If Time Out posts organically on our platform, clients have the right to access and boost these posts on their own feeds. However, we cannot do it if we target the post.


When we pay for a photo shoot can we get the pics? Is it free? How much if not?
  • When clients pay for a photo shoot this means they are receiving high-quality styled images to really make their content pop. These photos are the property of Time Out, but we share with our valued clients 5 x images for your own use across social media and web platforms only on the basis Time Out and the photographer are credited.
  • Photography is also available for purchase and licence fees vary pending the period, use and quantity.
Can we make elements such as social media, events and content production commissionable?
  • As these elements are a hard cost to our business and require outlay on our end we are unable to make these commissionable for media agencies. In saying that, this only makes up a small portion of the brief, so there is still significant value applicable to agency commission.
Can Time Out produce custom products? If so, what are they?
  • Time Out can certainly produce custom products and has done so for many years. As content creators we can not only produce quality material either white label or under our masthead, but we can design and distribute on your behalf. Our team is built much in the same way as a full service agency and we can provide these services to clients.

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