7 reasons why you should be working with Time Out

Copycats come and go, but Time Out have been discovering the brilliant and searching out the extraordinary since 1968. Our brand heritage, combined with our enduring will to promote and empower those driving positive cultural change allows us to lead, where others can only follow.

Reason 1
We’ve got the biggest audience

Over the past 12 months*, Time Out Australia has recorded a median unique audience of 490,500 readers in Nielsen’s Digital Ratings (Monthly). That makes us the clear leader in our direct competitive space, with a median UA 32% bigger than the Urban List, 92% bigger than Broadsheet and 162% bigger than Concrete Playground.

*March 2016 to February 2017. Nielsen March ratings are not yet released.

Reason 2
…Yes, even in Melbourne

It may surprise you to learn that the biggest lifestyle publisher in Victoria isn’t Broadsheet… it’s us. Our median UA in Victoria is 205,500 over the past 12 months, some 43% bigger than Broadsheet, 78% bigger than The Urban List and almost 5x the size of Concrete Playground. That’s right, we’re number one in Melbourne.

Reason 3
Our readers are highly engaged

In the 12 months to March 2017, Time Out Australia’s average session duration is 02:20 (Nielsen Market Intelligence). In other words, the average Time Out browser spends two minutes and 20 seconds per session reading our content. Here’s how we fare against the competition:

Reason 4
They’re also wealthy and well-educated

Two in every five Time Out readers earn $100,000+ according to Nielsen, and 1-in-2 hold a Bachelor’s degree or better. That’s an average of 201,000 readers per month with a six-figure salary, and more than 250,000 with a tertiary education. Here’s how that stacks up:

Reason 5
Guys dig Time Out, too

Think Time Out skews heavily female? Think again. Over the past year, men have made up 41% of our audience, a proportion unmatched by our competitors. The raw numbers are even more impressive: all told we’ve reached 1.5 times as many males as The Urban List and over 2.5 times as many as Broadsheet in the 12 months to March 2017.

Reason 6
We skew older (and we think that’s good)

The kids are alright, but they’re not reading Time Out. Just 17% of Time Out’s audience is aged 18-24, a lower proportion than The Urban List (22%), Concrete Playground (21%) and Broadsheet (20%). Almost 70% of Time Out’s audience is aged between 25-54, and more than half are past their mid-thirties. 77% work full-time, with SINKs and DINKs accounting for 71% of our readers. Time Out’s audience have disposable income, they are a little older, and – we like to think – a little wiser.

Reason 7
Our readers really, really like us

In addition to being wealthy, well-educated and really ridiculously good looking*, our readers are also loyal. In the past 12 months Time Out has averaged a 13% audience duplication rate with Broadsheet, meaning that fewer than 1-in-7 Time Out readers has been reading Broadsheet. Meanwhile, every fourth Broadsheet reader has snuck a peek at Time Out. Here’s something for the Venn diagram enthusiasts:

*We asked Nielsen to independently verify this, but they never got back to us.

Unique Audience: Overlap with competitors

Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings (Monthly)

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