Back of House podcast: Deputy Lord Mayor Jess Scully

The City of Sydney councillor talks helping businesses through the crisis with cash grants

“We want you to succeed. We’re not trying to make this difficult... and we want to spend all the money!”

In the long-awaited 19th episode of the Back of House podcast, hosts Luke Butler and Michael Rodrigues interview Deputy Lord Mayor Jess Scully about the impact on the hospitality sector of the Covid-19 crisis and what the City of Sydney is offering to relieve the pain.

Topics Scully covers include:

  • City of Sydney’s new raft of grants to help businesses and artists
  • Ways you can make your grant application successful
  • The provision of a business concierge service to help business owners access the money, as well as state and federal-level funds
  • Collaborating with other businesses or artists to take best advantage of the City’s grants
  • Ways the crisis might permanently change nightlife in Sydney

“The thing is, everyone is making stuff up as we go along,” says the down-to-earth Deputy Lord Mayor, “ let us know what you think is missing … let’s work it out together.”

If you are an artist, creative, venue or other business owner in the Sydney local government area impacted by the shutdown and looking for financial help, you urgently need to listen to this 36-minute chat.

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