Back of House podcast: Mike Rodrigues

Time Out’s managing director talks about the Keep Our Venues Alive campaign and what needs to happen for the hospitality industry to survive

Fighting Sydney’s lockouts was the warm-up. Now Covid is the main event. 

In a special episode of hospo industry podcast Back of House, hosts Luke Butler and Mike Rodrigues discuss the Covid-19 crisis shutdown and the way forward for venues.

Mike Rodrigues is the managing director of Time Out Australia and also chair of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA). The NTIA has been running the Keep Our Venues Alive campaign, working with government to help employees and businesses get through the Covid-19 crisis, as well as fostering the resilience of the sector.

During the interview Mike talks about:

  • Connecting the dots between venue operators, media, politicians and meaningful action
  • Coordinating underutilised staff strategically
  • What will recovery look like? Does the hasty reopening of venues pose as much of a danger as their closure? 
  • The crisis as an opportunity for hospo people to become leaders in their sector in the future
  • What Covid means for the lockouts in Sydney

The episode offers a valuable insight into ways of tackling the unfolding crisis and the challenges of converting desperate industry need into political action. 

To learn more, contact Michael Rodrigues, MD, Time Out Australia on 02 8239 5990 or, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Photograph: Keep Our Venues Alive team members: Michael Rodrigues (MD, Time Out Australia), Elise Bucholtz (Commercial Director, Time Out Australia) and Dylan Reed (CEO, Kreate Australia).
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