Be mentored in the Business of Culture

Our friends at REMIX and the City of Sydney are offering an exciting free opportunity for creative sector individuals to be mentored in the art of creative entrepreneurship. Applications are sought from startups, artists, producers, venues, festival organisers, galleries and more.

The cultural sector is changing rapidly. Digital disruption and other trends such as the rise of the experience economy are creating new opportunities (and challenges). Over ten in-depth modules, the Business of Culture online course and incubator will show how to take advantage of these trends and generate the resources to sustain your organisation in uniquely challenging times. 

The course, presented by REMIX, features insights from leading creative entrepreneurs such as Meow Wolf, Punchdrunk and the founders of Secret Cinema. Participants will be mentored by REMIX Founders Peter Tullin and Simon Cronshaw to develop a new innovation concept. 

REMIX have collaborated with leading cultural organisations around the world to develop innovation projects. In Australia, projects include ACMI X, a co-working space supporting creative entrepreneurs in the screen industries, and Alchemy, a new initiative for State Library Victoria to transform the library through co-created experiences with leading creative experience designers including one of Australia's biggest TikTok stars and a leading escape room designer.

Ten applicants will be selected for this program and there is no cost to participate thanks to the City of Sydney. Anyone from the creative sector is eligible to apply and applications are sought from startups, artists, producers, venues, festival organisers, galleries and other organisations. Apply here.

REMIX__Reboot_ Online Summit

REMIX__Reboot_ is an online on-demand global digital summit on creative entrepreneurship for individual creatives and organisations with an annual turnover under $250,000. REMIX_Reboot_ features 20 talks that explore how creative entrepreneurship can revitalise our cities, create new experiences for changing audiences, and generate new income streams. REMIX is offering 120 free tickets here.

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