Back of House podcast: The Dandy Partnership

What will trading under physical distancing look like in Australia? Bars and restaurant owners in Singapore and Hong Kong give their insights to the Back of House podcast

Lifting of restrictions in Australia will give rise to two schools of thought for hospitality operators. Does it make sense to put things back the way they were, or instead to reimagine the future? 

Cities that get this right will stand to reclaim the tourism economy more rapidly, while increasing their attractiveness for global talent.

In the latest episode of the Back of House podcast, Luke Butler and Mike Rodrigues chat to Rohit Roopchand and Michael Goodman of the Dandy Partnership. As owners of leading bar/restaurants including Neon Pigeon and Fat Prince in Singapore and the Pontiac in Hong Kong, Rohit and Michael have insights into the management of restrictions and customer expectations at varying stages of the pandemic. 

Topics covered in the podcast include:

  • The changed face of hospitality in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Can venues survive on a combination of delivery and physically separated tables?
  • How working from home may fundamentally change the CBDs of the world
  • How long businesses might be willing to scrape by before giving up 
  • What is the future of restaurants anyway?

“We are not anymore looking towards ‘how do we go back to the way it was?’” says Goodman. “We’re looking towards: how do we get to the next thing?” 

The episode will be of particular interest to local hospitality businesses trying to predict what the next few weeks hold in Australia as we slowly emerge from lockdown. 

You can download the episode here.

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