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This is a brief overview of our mobile product. To gain a deeper insight into the behaviour and demographics of our mobile audience, please contact Chris Ferguson on chris.ferguson@au.timeout.com or call 02 8239 5907.

Time Out exists to inspire our audience to lead a richer life, to know their city, and to have more fun.

We provide our readers with the most trusted, informed and authoritative social planning tools, to help them make the most of what’s happening in their city.

We care about our audience, and strive to connect them with only the best and most relevant products and services. As a result, we enjoy genuine engagement with the Time Out audience. We are able to drive product or service trial of our partner’s brands, and influence consumption habits.

Product overview

Mobile leaderboard
With sticky behaviour in header. IAB standard.

Inline MPUs within content and homepages. IAB standard.

Native content tiles
Dedicated home and section homepage tiles, directing traffic to native content.

Native content
Options available throughout all Time Out sections and content formats.


Time Out mobile sites feature intelligent location-based features so that our users can find what they need, in their neighbourhood.

Our audience are always looking for inspiration, and in the city, closer is better. Because of this, our mobile ads typically enjoy a higher performance rate than the industry average.

Time Out can geotarget all advertising units down to city specific locations, e.g. Bondi, Melbourne’s CBD, or Sydney’s Inner West.

National reach

Our sites and mobile reach extends to 5 key Australian cities.

Mobile audience: Demographic skew

Mobile users are more likely to be female, and between the ages of 25-44, when compared to our desktop users.

Females make up 67% of all mobile traffic to our site.
71.5% of mobile users are between the ages of 25-44.

Mobile audience: Traffic skew

66% mobile
Two thirds of our total monthly traffic comes from mobile devices.

Average monthly mobile impressions: 3,400,000

Mobile audience: Time on site

Average Session Duration (ASD) for our sites on mobile is 1 Min 28 Sec. A strong indication of deep engagement across a traditionally fickle platform.

ASD desktop is 2 Min 39 Sec.

Mobile audience: City of origin

Almost all Time Out traffic originates from within its respective city. This chart represents Time Out Sydney’s traffic, segmented by city of origin.

All Time Out Australia sites follow an almost identical pattern

Mobile audience: Activity by time of day

Time Out’s mobile traffic spikes in the morning between 6am-8am and then again in the evening between 5pm-10pm.

During working hours, desktop traffic is more prevalent than mobile traffic.

Mobile audience: User journey

Almost one third of our mobile users arrive via social media. Facebook is a key traffic driver to our mobile sites.

28% of our mobile traffic is referred from Facebook.
10% of our desktop traffic comes from Facebook.


To discover more about our mobile products and audience, and how Time Out’s mobile services can work for you, contact Chris Ferguson on chris.ferguson@au.timeout.com or call 02 8239 5907.

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