How our audience is feeling right now

Our city editors reveal what’s currently motivating Time Out’s readers in Sydney and Melbourne

Freedom on one hand, prolonged restrictions on the other. Out vs In. So what are Time Out’s readers in Melbourne and Sydney feeling, thinking, buying and doing right now?

We asked our city editors – Maxim Boom in Sydney and Rebecca Russo in Melbourne – for their audience insights and what we can do to help them.

Max, tell us more about how Sydney is feeling – our In crowd.

With lockdown still front and centre our audiences are searching for ways to feel more in control. They are hungry for information, so we're seeing a lot of traction with explainers, news and stories about online tools that can help people feel a little more in the loop. 

“Businesses that are incentivising vaccination are making an impact”

Whereas takeaways were big news in lockdown one, meal kits and more hands-on experiences are attracting more traffic in lockdown two. Less prepared, more practice as our readers want to channel their inner MasterChefs. Businesses that can tap into the zeitgeist are also making an impact, particularly those that are engaging or incentivising vaccination, so my our big recommendation here is that if you or your business embraces a pro-vaccination position, offer perks to vaccinated customers and do it in a fun, catchy way.

Bec, tell us more about Melbourne on the flipside… our Out crowd.

Melbourne may be out but we are certainly all being cautious. In the past when we've come out of lockdowns, there's been a mad dash to book things: dinners, events, shows. Now, understandably, Melburnians are being extra cautious and taking their time with booking things too far in advance. They're still doing things... but they're only booking things for that short term ahead. This is because we've all been burned by cancellations and postponements and we are all dying to book back in what we still can’t secure dates for. 

“The desire to spend is still there, and anything that makes you feel special is what they are craving”

Saying that, we have seen an uptick in some things. Considering it's been a while since we've seen our friends and family in the flesh, group bookings are the go – think Korean barbecue, teppanyaki, hot pot, bottomless brunches and private dining rooms. 

Whilst there is a sense of apprehension in the air, the desire to spend is still there, and anything that makes you feel special is what they are craving. When able and ready, readers will have ideas so it’s doing what you can to ensure your brand remains front and centre.

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