A guide to creating social media content that cuts through during Covid-19

It pays to be nimble when things are moving fast during the Covid-19 crisis. By Delima Shanti

It may feel like 2020 has been a Wizard of Oz-style tornado of bad news and crises, and if you’re running a business right now you’ll be thinking how you’re going to weather the storm. 

At Time Out, we’ve had to quickly react and readjust the way we put our mission into practice in our content strategy. Our core mission is still to help readers experience the best our cities have to offer, but with different restrictions still in place in many areas, we’ve made sure that our audience can still experience local events, activities and businesses whether it’s at home or out in the city. 

Ultimately, we’ve seen a change in the way people consume content. It’s vital to keep audiences informed on how the latest government rulings are going to affect them. That said, audiences are also hungry for feel-good content that makes them feel ‘seen’ in a world when they may be uncertain about what their own futures look like.

Whether you run an online side hustle or a local neighbourhood bar, here are some basic points to help you weather this storm in your social media content or marketing activities:

  • Be upfront: People want to know how the latest word from the government is going to affect their favourite local businesses. Keep your followers updated with changes to hours, deliveries, etc. It’s also worth letting people know how best to support your business. Should people buy dining vouchers or donate their defunct event ticket? Let them know!

  • Put your best face forward: As a business, now is a great opportunity for you to put your friendly faces out there. People want to connect, and they genuinely care for the businesses that are doing it tough right now. We highly encourage personal messages to the community featuring the business owners, delivery drivers, bartenders or even the shop pet.

  • Don’t ignore the C-word: You can’t forget about the big, infectious virus in the room. Be mindful of the many ways that this crisis is affecting people, including your customers or followers.

  • Make the most of user generated content on social media: Think about it, people including your customers are always snapping photos of their cities, brunches, drinks, favourite spots and more. Why not leverage the content that is already out there? We do this on our social channels at Time Out and it works wonders on social media engagement.

  • Stay true to your mission: Last but not least, the world might look very different now, but at its core what makes your business unique is still the same. Don’t pivot too far out and forget why your customers love coming to you and engaging with you in the first place. Start with understanding the way that your consumers might be changing their behaviours in this time and from there you can start rethinking the way  you reach your audiences. 

If this quick guide has given you food for thought, and you want to know what steps your business needs to take next, get in touch with our friendly team. We’re always here to help you figure out the best ways to reach and engage your potential consumers.

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