Meet the team: Adena Maier

Streaming classic Australian TV is helping Time Out Melbourne’s new lifestyle journalist understand her adopted home while under lockdown 

What do you do all day at Time Out?
I write content across all sections of our Melbourne site including Food & Drink, Things to Do, Shopping, City Life, Culture and News. I also update our lists of things to do this weekend, this week, and this month so our audiences always know what’s going on in Melbourne.

With Melbourne currently under lockdown, how are you making the most of your time at home?
Since I can’t go out and explore, I’m using this lockdown to consume quintessential Australian media. I’ve been bingeing The Secret Life of Us, Kath and Kim, Offspring and Upper Middle Bogan.

What made you join Time Out?
I love moving around and living in new places, so I’ve always been an avid consumer of going out guides. When I found the job listing, I was so excited about the opportunity to help make expats like myself feel like locals, and also to help locals discover new parts of the city they call home. 

What international destination will be your first to visit when the border restrictions ease?
While I’d love to check Amsterdam and Italy off my travel bucket list, once border restrictions ease, the first place I’ll visit is my hometown in the United States – Fairfield, California (in the San Francisco Bay Area). I haven’t seen my parents in a few years due to Covid, so I really want to spend some time with them. After that, I’d plan a cross-country American road trip to visit states and landmarks I haven’t seen yet. 

Favourite bar, restaurant, neighbourhood in Melbourne?
Reservoir has been growing on me ever since I’ve moved here, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Collingwood and Fitzroy. I used to work and study in Carlton, so I spent a lot of time going out in that general area, and my favourite spots have to be the Shady Lady, the Rainbow Hotel, Feefee’s Bar and Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

Do you have a personal motto?
Be excellent to each other! 

A good story should have...
For me, the best stories are people-centric and highlight individuals who are passionate and inspiring. 

What are your top tips for how to get featured on Time Out?
There’s always so much going on in Melbourne, so the most important thing is to try to stand out from the crowd with an original, eye-catching and highly clickable event or venue. 

Plans this weekend?
If we’re still in lockdown, I want to order a bougie banquet meal from one of Melbourne’s luxe restaurants through Providoor; continue to binge-watch Kath and Kim; and maybe play some board games with my housemates. If lockdown ends, you’ll catch me having a pint at one of my locals and enjoying some much needed catch ups with friends.  

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