Meet the team: Adnan Rahman

Our newest Account Manager talks about his love of Sydney’s neighbourhoods, its natural scenery, and what goes into a good brief

What do you do all day at Time Out?
I’m a Sales Account Manager, so my job is responding to briefs and helping clients reach their marketing objectives and grow their businesses.

How are you making the most of your time in Sydney during lockdown? What about after lockdown restrictions ease?
Being from Melbourne originally, I love exploring the scenery Sydney has to offer. I have a list of waterfalls and hikes I want to check out, so that is high on the priority list after restrictions ease – Macquarie Pass is next on the list. While we have been in lockdown I have been watching too much Netflix and playing some basketball. 

What made you join Time Out?
Time Out has been like a good mate helping me discover Sydney, so once there was an opportunity to be able to work there I jumped. 

What international destination will be your first to visit when the border restrictions ease?
Europe! I had a trip booked for 2020 which never happened, so I’m hoping to be able to go once the restrictions are over. 

Favourite bar, restaurant, neighbourhood in Sydney?
Favourite bar would be the Coogee Pav, purely for the vibe and lovely rooftop. Restaurant would have to be Jonah’s in Palm Beach – absolutely stunning! Favourite neighbourhood would have to be Surry Hills, given that it’s always so vibrant, and not too far from the beach.

Do you have a personal motto?
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

A good commercial partnership should be…
A good commercial partnership is one where both parties enter into an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Ideally you want a partnership where the two parties involved both ‘win’ by growing and exceeding the goals envisioned upon entering into the agreement. 

A good brief should include...
Context, objectives and deliverables. It should always be super-clear in terms of the target demo, budget and timings. A contact number is crucial, so parties receiving the brief can ask any questions that may arise.

Plans this weekend?
I’ve got an online poker session with the lads organised!

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