Meet the team: Bryan Sainsbury-Hore

Portrait photograph of Bryan Sainsbury- Hore

Time Out Sydney's new Account Manager loves the ocean, the opera, good cocktail making and helping people make the most of their city

What’s your perfect Sydney Day?

It would have to start with an early morning surf at Maroubra Beach. Our beautiful beaches are one of my favourite aspects of Sydney. I would follow that up with a delicious breakfast with friends; my favourites in easy trek are the Little Kitchen and Barzura in Coogee. Catching a new show at the White Rabbit GalleryAGNSW or the MCA would fill a couple of cultured hours mid-morning before a late lunch in Chinatown. I am a sucker for a good yum cha.

As the early afternoon hits a couple of sneaky Daiquiris at one of the many wonderful cocktail bars in the city (Lobo Plantation does them very well) would be soothing for a full belly. As dusk rolls in, finding a beautiful spot by the water for a sunset vino would go well (Opera Bar is always a good spot with a view).

A quick water taxi to Kingsleys in Woolloomooloo for a spectacular steak would make for a memorable dinner. And with the night still young at that point it would be great to go for a dance. The options in Sydney are great (as long as you don’t want to stay out late) – everything from rap to reggaeton.

What made you join Time Out?

Time Out’s core values of encouraging people to make the most of their city and in turn, their life, resonates with me. Working for a company that embraces change while maintaining its integrity and core values was too appealing to pass up. Also, with over a decade of experience behind the bar, I was excited to become part of a team that values fine food and drink so highly!

Who are your Sydney  heroes?

Dr Sam Prince is a standout character. Like me, he started his journey in Canberra (where the likeness ends), and with ridiculous levels of smarts and dedication he has accomplished a lot. Among his other ventures, qualifications and success he owns the restaurants MejicoIndu and Kid Kyoto – all worth a visit.

Angus Graham is also a man worthy of respect. He is the owner of the Coffee Crew – a thriving mobile coffee company. He has overcome some big challenges but with grit and a creative mind he converted a vintage double decker bus into a spectacular activation vehicle (the Aviary ).

Both of these heroes have worked hard to get where they are and with their success have supported charities and causes to improve the world around them.

What was the last bit of culture you loved in Sydney?

Opera in the Domain in January was a spectacular occasion. Sitting down with five of my closest friends to enjoy our expertly curated picnic, Opera Australia's artists and a beautiful city backdrop was amazing. We do it every year and it never disappoints.

Do you have a personal motto?

If you can’t be good, be good at it.

Long live positive anarchy and sweet disturbances.

Contentedness in next to enlightenment.

A good Time Out campaign should…

Inspire readers to try something new and ultimately improve the perception of Sydney.

What’s floating your boat right now?

Recently I'm getting into spearfishing; I have been exploring more little coves, reefs and beaches than ever before. Taking my time to pay close attention to the amazing underwater world around Sydney has given me a new appreciation for our coast… and occasionally I manage to get some fresh fish for dinner. On the fairly regular occasion that I don’t catch anything the Sydney Fish Markets is always a good fix.

Plans this weekend?

Date night on Friday! The Spot in Randwick has a range of good options for a date. On Saturday, a morning surf followed by a day house party and then paintball on Sunday and some relaxation time on Sunday night… and with any spare moment trying hard to do my uni work.

Bryan Sainsbury-Hore is Time Out Sydney’s Account Manager. You can reach him on 0413 421 246 or or, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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