Meet the team: Cass Knowlton

Time Out's Editorial Director loves musical theatre, whisky and playing roller derby. Here she shares her Melbourne tips – and her tips on creating engaging content

Cass, what’s your perfect Melbourne day?

I’d love to start my day with a croissant from Lune (if the queue is not too long) and a coffee from Bonnie coffee – there’s sparkling water on tap, and you can read The Australian (I mostly browse and then read Strewth) pinned to the wall while you wait. I’d head over to the NGV to check out the latest exhibition. Lunch could come from a food truck outside the Arts Centre, and if it’s a nice day, the Botanic Gardens is a gorgeous place for a stroll or to read a book. Once ACMI reopens later this year, I’m really keen to check out the new exhibitions and spaces. I’m a sucker for ramen, so dinner might be at Shinjuko on Flinders St. Then I’d love to see a play at the Arts Centre or MTC, or a big musical if there’s one I haven’t seen at Her Majesty’s or the Regent. After the theatre I’d stop in at my favourite late-night Melbourne bar, Beneath Driver Lane.

What made you join Time Out?

I’m originally from New York, and Time Out was my bible when I was a teenager. When a job came up at Time Out Melbourne, I jumped at it.  

What was the last bit of culture you loved in Melbourne?

I really love the Basquiat-Haring exhibition currently at the NGV, and I thought Come From Away was transcendent theatre. Malthouse’s new production of the Importance of Being Earnest is also very silly fun.

Do you have a personal motto?

Kinda, I really like the song ‘For Now’ from Avenue Q.  The message of the song is that everything in life, whether it’s good or bad, is temporary and the only constant is change.

A good Time Out campaign should…

Promote good times and going out in the city

Good commercial content should…

Be indistinguishible from editorial content. It should have the same fun, bright and informative tone of voice as any other piece of Time Out content.

What are your tips to making content sizzle…

Find a USP for everything you are writing about. Think about how you would tell a friend if you were trying to convince them to do something – that’s how you should write about it. Be informal but informed, smart but not smart alecky and always bring enthusiasm to your work.

What’s floating your boat right now?

Dolly Parton! I just listened to a rad podcast about her, called Dolly Parton’s America, and I suggest everyone do the same.

Plans this weekend?

Billy Elliot is opening in Melbourne, so that’s my Saturday night. On Sunday I’ll play roller derby and get some smashing in. 

Cass Knowlton is Time Out’s Editorial Director

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