Meet the team: Claudia Pearce

Time Out Sydney's new Account Manager loves nothing better than rocking out to the city's music scene – except maybe photographing it

What’s your perfect Sydney day?

I’d wake up and go and get a coffee on Enmore Road from Shenkin or Black Market Roaster. Probably some type of unhealthy savoury breakfast. Also possibly a Bloody Mary if I’m hungover (or if I’m feeling fancy).

I’d walk up to King Street and through to Camperdown Park and meet my friends. We’d chat, people watch, laugh, eat and probably have some beers from the Courthouse Hotel, or grab a coffee from 212 Blu (there is a pattern emerging…)

I’d soak up the sun until I go red (easy as I’m translucent) and then probably head to see a band play, have dinner out, check out new pubs/bars/music. I’m not about fancy high-end places – I like authentic, grim-looking but delicious and fun places.

I’d get home after having a great time (hopefully not breaking my arm again)! I’d go home and have a long snooze.

Then repeat...

What made you join Time Out?

My real life lifestyle is aligned with Time Out’s product and tone of voice. I am passionate about the same things: getting out, having fun, cutting the BS. I’ve always loved Time Out even before I could drink (legally). So yes, much love.

Who are your Sydney heroes?

Danny Lim – dur!


What was the last bit of culture you loved in Sydney?

When there was social culture and people going out and actually seeing Sydney. Too many bloody laws now.

Do you have a personal motto?

Yes: “You do you, babe.”

A good Time Out campaign should…

Be creative, bold and fun.  

What’s floating your boat right now?

I'm really excited to buy a new camera. I’ve also recently come across a great band called Holiday Sidewinder: I saw them play at Waywards on Saturday night. I was photographing the band with my friend Andie, who is a fashion designer (Nevada Clothing) and who handmade all their outfits. That’s floating me at the moment.

Plans this weekend?

I kind of go with the flow. Usually I organise things last minute. Most likely seeing a band, taking photos, eating and drinking!

Claudia Pearce is Time Out Sydney’s Account Manager. You can reach her on 002 8239 5907 or, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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