Meet the team: Katy Harrison

North Melbourne, the Queen Vic Market and rooftop bars – our new campaign coordinator relishes the Time Out lifestyle

What do you do all day at Time Out?
I manage campaigns out of Melbourne after each deal has closed – meaning I keep the flatplans organised and up to date so we can track when each part of the campaign is scheduled to go live. After a campaign has ended I am responsible for putting together a PCR for the client so they can see how the campaign has delivered, as well as provide screenshots and some feedback as to how everything performed. I also liaise between the client and our creative team to ensure the creative solutions meet the client’s expectations. 

How are you making the most of your time in Sydney and Melbourne now that our cities are coming back to life?
I feel like it goes without saying, but I am heading out and experiencing what this wonderful city has to offer whenever I can! Practically every weekend you will find me at an event, bar or restaurant enjoying quality time with family or friends at one of the countless incredible venues we are lucky enough to have in Melbourne. 

What made you join Time Out?
When I felt it was time to leave my previous role in TV sales I thought a lot about what kind of work environment I could see myself working in. I spotted this role on LinkedIn and everything just clicked into place. I really do love this city – how cultured and diverse it is, and I had followed TO on Instagram for years as a guide for different things to do around here. I just felt like I was destined for the role!

Do you have any national or international travel plans on the cards?
I am hoping to pop up to Sydney over the Christmas break, and if I can force myself to stick to a budget for a few months I am crossing my fingers that I can make my way over to South America in 2023. 

Favourite bar, restaurant, neighbourhood in Melbourne? 

Bar: Siglo – the rooftop on a nice night and cocktail in hand, it’s like being on holiday! I love Supper Club as well.

Restaurant: Anada – I went a few years ago for a celebratory dinner and nothing has topped it since! I am not typically an adventurous eater, but they had a goat tartare that has since been removed from the menu that was absolutely amazing. 

Neighbourhood: North Melbourne – I am 100 per cent biased about this one since I bought a place here a little over a year ago, but it has such a relaxed, suburbian feel to it even though you are on the doorstep of the CBD. Also, the Queen Vic Market is a few minutes’ walk away, as well as the up-and-coming restaurant scene on Errol Street ushered in by Manze. 

Do you have a personal motto?
It’s a bit silly, but: “If you keep your feet firmly on the ground you’ll have trouble putting on your pants.” It just reminds me to take risks and not be so stubborn. It’s OK not to be completely grounded all the time!

A good Time Out campaign should…
Be innovative and think outside the box! As a reader, it’s inevitable that you will come across some advertising/branded content, so you will always appreciate it when it’s genuinely interesting to consume. Creativity is always the way to go.

Plans this weekend?
Heading out for dinner at Soi 38 with a friend (if we can get a table) then to a MIFF movie on Friday. Saturday, I’m celebrating another friend’s birthday with drinks at Her. Then making my weekly pilgrimage to the Queen Vic for some groceries on Sunday. 

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