Meet the team: Lexie Bucholtz

All art and heart, Lexie Bucholtz recently stepped into a new role as our arts Account Manager in Sydney

What’s your perfect Sydney day?

Let’s call my perfect day a Saturday. Starting my day with a nice run through the inner west to Barangaroo is a perfect energy boost. After a quick MCA visit, I’ll walk across to Carriageworks, grab a bite at the markets, enjoy an exhibition and then head to Sydney Park for some quality dog watching! Once the sun goes down, I’ll head to Continental in Newtown for cheese, wine and catch ups with friends. Last but not least, my dream day would finish with a Belvoir show and a Negroni (or two!) at the Wild Rover.

Do you practice any artistic disciplines?

I’ve been meaning to get back into dancing – when time permits. Sydney Dance Company classes are the perfect way to touch base with my creative side.

Are you any good?

I’ll pass… just!

Who are your Sydney heroes?

This is a tricky one for me. Some of my greatest inspirations are part of our Time Out family (but that’s a little biased, haha). In saying that, the amazing Mitchell Butel is a force of nature. I try to see as much of his work as possible. There is almost nothing he can’t do and very few people he hasn’t collaborated with. From Bell Shakespeare (currently one of the leads in the Merchant of Venice), to Opera Australia, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Australian Theatre for Young People and Belvoir. It’s that raw talent, drive and strength of commitment that I find inspirational.

What was the last bit of culture you loved in Sydney?

I’m so lucky, my job opens me to so many different cultural experiences across the city. It is hard to narrow this one down! However, Belvoir’s Mr Burns has stuck with me for the past few months. It hit me on so many levels. The nostalgia, social commentary, exceptional talent and bizarre escapism all came together to leave a lasting impression.

Coming up, Universal Pictures have some great releases to look forward to. In particular, Atomic Blonde looks exciting and bold – I can’t wait to see Charlize Theron kick some butt!

Do you have a personal motto?

I spent the better part of 2015 working at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, in Florida. This was an incredible experience, to say the least. One learning from working in a fairytale castle is that positivity goes a long way. I’m often caught saying ‘keep smiling’ and ‘hakuna matata’. Why not have a little magic in each day? Haha!

Why Time Out?

I’ve loved Time Out for as long as I can remember. As far as I’m concerned, we should all be trying to make the most of the city we are in, and the time we have. Time Out is created and supported by people who truly believe in their work, whether it be championing the arts, hospitality or travel, everyone who works here exudes passion and life. I am so lucky to be surrounded by that every day.

Throughout the past year, Time Out has increased editorial support for the arts. We doubled our arts coverage budget in 2016, while other publishers have made significant cuts. It is that kind of vision and commitment to culture that really makes Time Out stand apart. We stand out from the crowd and we’re committed to our mission.

A good arts campaign should…

It’s my job to figure out exactly how we can move our audience to fall in love with the arts (or at least buy a few tickets). To do this, each arts campaign should focus on the client’s specific audience requirements. Do they need to refresh their market perception? Do they need to reach a new audience? Do they want to deliver a significant message? Once we’ve nailed the objective, then the campaign can come to life.

Across the board, it seems that a shared concern is an ageing arts audience. It is so great that Time Out is able to bring new eyes to so many different cultural opportunities. That really excites me! A good example of this is our 2016/17 Opera Australia campaign, where a cheeky video helped to break down stereotypes, to tease out the playful side of opera. Who knew you can wear shorts to the opera?!

Ideally, the perfect arts campaign will build a narrative, and deliver a short story from the client to our audience. I want to help draw audiences into a deeper, more intriguing experience, something they will want to tell their friends about. One way to do this is to ensure that we give each campaign all of the integrity of any Time Out product. The messaging needs to feel real, relevant and achievable. The current Sydney Opera House Antidote festival partnership does this well. We are drawing the audience in with a take on ‘Time Out’s top pick of the festival’, then they will have the chance to win tickets to a talk of their choice, all surrounded by eye-catching targeted display. The overall concept is to keep readers engaged and excited across the three months leading to the festival. That way they will want to invite their friends along too – the more the merrier.

What’s floating your boat right now?

I’ve spent the last few months really trying to grow Time Out’s relationships with the Arts sector. This is such an important time for the arts across Australia, but particularly for Sydney, so it is an honour to be involved in so much of the conversation. For instance, the Time Out editorial initiative ‘52 weeks of Sydney culture’ is calling Sydneysiders to scrap ideas of elitism in the arts and enjoy the accessible cultural experiences around them – there are so many! I’m loving being able to better support this with authentic campaigns that share this message. I feel like editorial and commercial goals at Time Out have never been more aligned.

Recently, we have secured partnerships with Antidote at the Sydney Opera House, the Australian Museum, Performance Space and the AACTA Awards (just to name a few). Working with these cultural giants is really exciting. I’m loving the complete process of developing the partnership and then making it come to life. Hopefully our commercial connection to film will be next. Let’s get more people enjoying Sydney’s theatres, galleries and screens: there is a lot to be excited about.

Plans this weekend?

Friday I will kick the weekend off with Rice at Griffin Theatre, dinner at Johnny Fishbone and drinks at Jangling Jacks. I’ll head to the Making Modernism exhibition at AGNSW on Saturday and hopefully a Negroni or two at Earl’s Juke Joint. Sunday depends on those Negronis, but I will definitely grab a halloumi and egg roll (delicious) from my favourite, Rolling Penny. If I can squeeze a nice run in there, it should be a good weekend!

Lexie Bucholtz is Time Out Sydney’s arts Account Manager. You can reach Lexie on 02 8239 5952 or, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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