Meet the Team: Linn Philips-Johansson

Time Out’s Sydney client service manager lives and breathes our brand values: a love of going out and authentic experiences as well as a willingness to adapt

Linn, what do you do all day at Time Out?

My background at Time Out has been in experiential and activations, but over the years my role has changed quite a bit. I’m currently working closely together with our MD, Mike Rodrogues, on our Time Out for Business arm, in charge of our trade and B2B communications, and I’ve recently added podcast editing of our Time Out for Business podcast to my repertoire. 

How are you making the most of the time at home now during the Covid-19 crisis?

I’m trying to focus on the positives and the things that are within our control, so a lot of quality time with my little family in Sydney and daily FaceTime meetings with my family in Sweden. And I’ve been getting back into running too – a nice little break when working from home.

What content have you found particularly useful since the temporary brand change from Time Out to Time In?

I love how many restaurants quickly adapted to the change of the lockdown and brought the fine-dining scene to our own dining rooms. I have particularly enjoyed Arthur’s home-cooked meals that they brought out when their restaurant was forced to shut, but I’m glad they have now reverted back to normal trade as there’s simply nothing that beats the true experience you get in a venue.

What made you join Time Out?

Where do I start? I’ve been with Time Out since 2014 and was a loyal fan of the brand and publication way before then. I come from a hospitality background and I’ve always looked to Time Out as the source of truth when it comes to their reviews. For me, it was an ideal company to work for and I kept begging MD Mike to give me a shot. Now they can’t get rid of me!

Once the Covid crisis lifts, what will your perfect city day look like?

I’d love for my bestie, Isabelle from Melbourne, who I haven’t seen since December, to fly up to Sydney. She works on the Covid-19 frontline as a nurse in ICU and I would love to spoil her for a day. We would go for a swim in Bondi before heading to the local RSL for a schooner. Then we’d go for a nice lunch at Lox Stock and Barrel before walking home to mine to get changed and have a little siesta. Time to head into the city for a lil’ drink at Bulletin Place before dinner at Dead Ringer in Surry Hills. If we’re feeling cultured we might catch a film at Palace Verona on Oxford Street, but if the feeling is right we might head to Freda’s to dance, dance, dance.

What was the first thing you did in Sydney when lockdown relaxed? 

I took my little toddler girl to the playground that had been shut for the duration of the lockdown. Entertaining a one year old at home with limited outings whilst also trying to work was hard, to say the least.

Favourite bar, restaurant, neighbourhood in Sydney?

Kind of biased, but my husband’s bar Bulletin Place in the CBD is just my happy place on earth, and nothing really beats that in my world. Continental Deli in Newtown is another gem that I just adore.

A fun fact you might not assume about me is… 

I used to play European handball on an elite level and represented Sweden in Hungary in 2006.

Do you have a personal motto? 

Just be nice to people!

A good event should have?

A great venue, guest list, atmosphere and efficient service of food and drink. It doesn’t matter what sort of event, whether it is a more intimate gathering or a full-blown awards night, but there’s nothing worse than attending an event that has undercatered on the F&B front and where the service isn’t efficient. 

Top tips for a successful event?

Well, if it’s in your own home, I’d say preparation is key. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen making food or drinks, so having the drinks and food well thought through and prepared ahead is key. If it’s a client event, again, planning and contingency is critical. Agreeing what success looks like for an event before embarking on the planning is crucial to make sure to deliver the best possible event for the client.

Plans this weekend? 

A friend’s birthday lunch, and possibly a winter swim somewhere with the family.

Linn Philips-Johansson is Time Out’s Client Service Manager

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