Meet the team: Stephanie Baker

Time Out Sydney's new Account Executive tells us about her obsessions, her heroes and making the most of life in Sydney

What’s your perfect Sydney Day?

My perfect Sydney day starts with a Beyoncé juice and breakfast at Scouts Honour in Redfern, then a nice long walk to Darlinghurst to go boutique shopping. Then it’s Sushi on Stanley for lunch and a beer at Ching-a-Lings to suss out what secret parties are on in the night time!

What made you join Time Out?

Quite simply my obsession for Sydney! I wanted to work for a publisher that has integrity in its words and really believes in its core values. My experience in media thus far has taught me that working for a company that makes you feel rewarded is very important and Time Out ticked that box because we inspire our readers to go out and enjoy the city I love so much.

Who are your Sydney heroes?

Bhenji Ra is without a doubt one of the my Sydney heroes. Bhenji has opened the eyes of Sydneysiders far and wide to themes around race, sexuality and gender and is an inspiration to marginalised communities and a LGBTQIA icon. Hazem Sedda, who owns and runs Redfern Convenience Store (the greatest convenience store on earth), is a true Sydney hero. He has run the store since he was 17 and his enthusiasm and passion are admirable. I have never seen a wider range of goodies in my whole life, putting your run-of-the-mill corner store to shame. I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through his Instagram to see what’s good – he has his own merchandise too, which is genuinely sought after!

What was the last bit of culture you loved in Sydney?

The last bit of culture I loved in Sydney was going to see the Queer Contemporary exhibition at the National Art School with work friends. There was a stunning piece by Nick Cave, some rare Jeff Koons stuff, gigantic pizza slices and the Moonlite pop-up bar in honour of bushranger Captain Moonlite and his lover, James Nesbitt.

Do you have a personal motto?


A good Time Out campaign should…

Motivate our audience to get out of the house and enjoy Sydney, whether it be an event, a new restaurant or bar.

What’s floating your boat right now?

Self care. I love going to steam room and sauna at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre after a big day at work – it is so relaxing, and I leave feeling brand new.

Plans this weekend?

Friday night I will be enjoying a cocktail at the Langham’s Observatory Bar  closely followed by a dinner at Bart Jr. I will be resting in the lead up to Saturday where I will be celebrating the best Sydney season of the year, Mardi Gras, and will be attending the Sissy Ball at Carriageworks! And Sunday I will be having dinner with friends at Ron’s Upstairs closely followed by a cheeky $10 Negroni at Moya’s Juniper Lounge (yes, I am obsessed with Redfern).

Stephanie Baker is Time Out Sydney’s Account Executive. You can reach her on 02 8239 5961 or, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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