Raising a glass to great collaborations

We’ve been extraordinarily busy out and about in Sydney. Our next stop: sipping wines in Chippendale

Time Outers live for being out in the city. We love sharing the best of what’s happening and we love helping where we can. We have been proud supporters of several recent Investment NSW revitalisation projects because we all want the same thing: to get the city back on its feet. 

We partied at YCK Intersections in April; got down to Flow and Glow in May; we’ve danced at street parties across town; and now are going to feast at Gather on Kensington St this weekend, June 3-5.

We live to champion the OUT, but also to support new voices. Gather on Kensington St is spotlighting local food and drink suppliers and especially women in the wine space. Automata’s ace chef, Clayton Wells, and sommelier Sam Payne have curated the three-day festival, and Sam is leading an all-female team taking us through the tasting journey. Taking part are Sip’er, a new wine business run by two young women still in their day jobs selling brands only owned by women. Sabi Wabi is another side-hustle female brand, and there will also be discussions around production and opps in wine – traditionally a man’s world.

We like to hear about new businesses and new collaborations. It’s great to see these brands, women and future producers changing the sector as we know it. And we can think of no better way to celebrate them than on Kensington Street. See you down there.

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