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Time Out’s growth editor, Delima Shanti, is charged with optimising our own social media posts – as well as yours. We asked Delima for some of her top three tips for making the most out of your social buck when you to plan your next campaign

1 Images

Good imagery is vital to the success of your campaign on social media, and Time Out has photo guideline to ensure you get maximised return. Here are a few tips:

  • Brightness: The image must be bright. Dark images don’t cut through user’s feeds, and will impact the performance of your social media campaign.
  • Clear on mobile: Most audiences will reach your content via mobile, so make sure your image is clear when it’s small and seen on a mobile phone screen.
  • Look and feel: The best images are dynamic, focused and give audiences the gist of the topic at hand in one look. Images also need to fit the Time Out style.
  • No graphic or branding: Facebook and Instagram don’t like images with lots of text or branding, so we can’t use any images with graphics in them.
  • Legal permission: Please make sure you have legal permission or the copyright to use the image you send us!

2 Targeting

We give each ad campaign bespoke targeting based on social media best practice. Depending on your goals, we target audiences by these broad categories:

  • Location (eg: Melbourne, Sydney)
  • Interests (eg: local arts organisations, foodies)
  • Stage of life (eg: parents, at university)

3 Tagging

When we run social media ads for clients, we must disclose who these ads are being run by. So we are able to do this, you will need to have a Facebook page and you give us permission to tag your page on the ads. Don’t worry: it doesn’t take long to do, and once you have done it once that is enough.

Tagging is important because it proves the post is legitimate – and also makes it much easier to grow more followers yourself. The more hyperlinks, the more we can spread the message for you!

If you’d like to know more about our social media packages – which include posts, galleries, video and stories – please get in touch. Contact Commercial Director Elise Bucholtz

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