We've made no secret about our efforts to get Sydney's night-time economy moving again. Our recent efforts to do so have included helping the small bar sector get organised through a re-invigorated bar association, as well as lobbying for the NSW government for regulatory reform.

It's inevitable that much of this work takes us into discussions about policing, lockout and red-tape review, but it's unfortunate that these negative terms have framed the debate. It tends to obscure the good work that the hospitality sector is doing to encourage wider positive social change, such as leading from the front to eliminate single-use plastic straws.

Here's how you can get involved if you aren't already:

(a) those of you running hospitality venues can join other leading Sydney venues by using #sydneydoesntsuck;
(b) register your commitment to elimination of single use plastic straws at the last straw; and
(c) watch the War on Waste Season 2 which premieres tonight on ABC.

Time Out will be lending its support to the campaign, which we see as an easy entry point for improved sustainable practices across the hospitality sector. If our deputy lord mayor Jess Miller is willing to get dressed up as a seal in furtherance of the cause, than I reckon that's the least we can do.

Hospitality has an opportunity here to lead the way in changing the narrative for Sydney. We may need to be in bed by 10pm (for now...) – but we don't have to suck.

To learn more, contact Michael Rodrigues, MD, Time Out Australia (and honorary Lead Extra in this film) on 02 8239 5990 or michael.rodrigues@au.timeout.com, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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