While the harbour glistens only in the sun, the stars of Sydney’s small business community sparkle 365 days a year, rain, hail or shine

Each as unique as the personalities of their proprietors/creators, our local businesses create livelihoods for city dwellers, add character to our neighbourhoods and liveability to our city.

But with the global trend towards inwardness, lockout law impacts, not to mention pedestrian interruption around city building projects like the Light Rail and B-Line, it sometimes might appear easier to stay in than go out.

Boo-hiss we say!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at the City of Sydney to inform tourists and to remind residents about the wealth and diversity of offerings our neighbourhoods hold, though the Council’s #SydneyLocal campaign. We’ve interviewed key stakeholders in the City’s ‘villages’ and each month we’re leading an Instagram takeover using the hashtag. Here are a few examples of the partnership so far:

We launched the campaign back in December, accompanied by two of our favourite #SydneyLocals, Young Henrys and Archie Rose

Further to this content-rich campaign, we’ve pledged to run a monthly #SydneyLocal takeover of our Instagram account (@timeoutsydney), sharing our own photos of local small business stars, and sharing posts from our readers.

So while there’s a time and place for the convenience of life on demand at home, we’re making a concerted effort to get out of the house in 2018 and engage with our favourite neighbourhoods.

Get out there and do the same.

To learn more about our move involvement with #SydneyLocal, contact Charlene Tan (Senior Partnerships Strategist), on 02 8239 5901 or charlene.tan@au.timeout.com, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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