Talking to our readers about vaccination

Our ‘Vax and the City’ project gives a visual identity to the push for mass jabs in Sydney and Melbourne


Very few places in the world have been quite as fortunate as Australia has for much of the past 18 months. There have been occasional lockdowns, but thanks to our world-class contact tracers, the economies and cultures that power our cities have largely been able to persevere against the odds. 

However, in mid-June, our run of good luck came to an end. Delta leapfrogged our defences and outpaced our ability to cut chains of transmission, and now it has become clear that returning to a “Covid zero” status quo is highly unlikely. Vaccination is now not only our best way to protect ourselves and our loved ones, but also the only means by which we can reboot the city and regain the vibrant experiences that make them such incredible places to live.

Time Out has made a commitment to connect our readers with the news, updates, explainers and resources they need to book their jab. Every article we publish relating to the vaccine rollout is branded with our ‘Vax and the City’ sticker – it’s our way of making our vaccine-related content more visible and digestible in a crowded media environment. 

We understand that emotions run high when vaccination is part of the conversation, but we believe that this is not a controversial issue. The science is clear: vaccination is central to our national plan for exiting the pandemic and we support those doing their part to help ensure we reach our goals.

There is a long way to go before we reach the levels of vaccination that will allow Sydney to reopen, and many businesses will be making their own plans for vaccination policies in the coming weeks. Time Out stands with those businesses. We’re ready to promote, support and champion the hospitality, culture and entertainment leaders who are doing their part to protect their patrons. 

It’s a tough time, arguably the toughest since the pandemic began. But we are also on the home stretch, and alongside the business owners, creatives, entertainers and makers who are the soul of the city, we intend to cross the finish line together.

If you are a business with stories to share, contact our editorial director ( If you want to talk to us about ways your brands can support this cause or venues in need, contact our group account manager in Sydney ( or Melbourne (

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