Three food trends that are breaking the internet this summer

Just as there are blockbuster exhibitions, and blockbuster movies in the summertime, lately there have also been blockbuster foods. Last year, everything was drenched in Nutella, and hamburgers dominated on the savoury front. But this time around the new foods are a little more fresh and a little more fun. These are the new foods and drinks that have blown up on Time Out over the past month.


What is it: A healthy Hawaiian take on sashimi.
What does it taste like? It tastes like Instagram #cleaneating with a tropical holiday twist. It’s a little tart, a little salty and one hundred per cent delicious.
Where can I try one? Melbourne’s gone loopy for poké and you can get it all over the city. In Sydney, Salmon and Bearand Sokyo are both dishing it up.


What is it: A slushie made of rosé
What does it taste like? It’s not as sweet as you’d think. A good frosé should be delicate, drinkable and just a little bit dry – with a hefty hit of fruit and just a little syrup so it still tastes good when served icy cold.
Where can I try one? Check out our list of Sydney venues serving them if you live up north. Meanwhile, in Melbourne you can get them at Chapel Street’s Mr Miyagi.


What is it: A king-sized soup dumpling (eight times the size of xiao long bao).
What does it taste like? Unlike traditional steamed pork xiao long bao, tangbao are typically made with pork and prawn, or pork and crab, which gives their broth a delicate oceanic aroma.
Where can I try one? For one month only Din Tai Fung served these epic dumplings in select stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Now that promotion is over, but if popular demand has anything to do with it (and it does), they’ll be back again soon.

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