Time Out Audience Survey 2020

We polled 6,834 of our readers and we’re ready to share some of the results with you

At Time Out, we regularly poll our readers to better understand their needs, interests, and how to shape our future direction for the better. For instance, each year we conduct a Global City Index survey that gauges how residents in 48 cities feel about their town (Melbourne ranked as 2nd best city last year).

Recently we decided to get even more granular and conduct a 2020 Reader Survey to understand what has made our audience tick during this period of pandemic. Below are some standout points that might help your future thinking when it comes to consumer marketing – and there is plenty more where this comes from. 

  1. We’re feeling more anxious, but also optimistic.
    While 69% of readers report feeling more anxious than usual, 52% of Time Out readers also feel optimistic about their future. Overall, 60% are worried about their future finances.

2. We don’t hate everything about lockdown.
We asked readers what they were enjoying about isolation and the most popular responses included: having more time with family, partners and pets; the slower pace of life; the lack of FOMO; and the opportunity to make healthy lifestyle changes.

3. We are desperate to travel again.
Asked what they were looking forward to about the lifting of restrictions, 89% of respondents either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that domestic travel was on their minds, while 84% couldn’t wait to travel overseas again.

4. A lot of us are spending more on booze.
While groceries were the most commonly cited extra expense of Covid life, alcohol was also popular, with 33% of readers saying they were spending more money on a tipple than they were before.

5. We’d happily leave the house to go shopping.
Despite the convenience of shopping online people are keen to start shopping in store again, with 57% expressing that they want to visit a bricks and mortar shop.

As well as drilling down into these topics we have a wealth of data that looks at our readers’ attitudes to the arts, entertainment, education and fitness. We also have in-depth comparisons between readers in Gen X and Gen Y. 

With an in-house analytics team on hand, Time Out is here to support you not only through marketing campaigns but also research, development and strategy sessions. For further information on Time Out for Business opportunities contact Commercial Director, Elise Bucholtz, on 03 8415 8001 or elise.bucholtz@timeout.com, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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