Remix Summit keynotes welcomed to the Time Out Coffeehouse

When a visual strategist from NASA, the CEO of Burning Man and the president of the Brooklyn Academy of Music are gathered in a room, you know you are in for some pretty interesting conversations…

So it was to mark the 4th annual Remix Summit in Sydney in December that we were privileged to host a Time Out Coffeehouse as part of the proceedings.

Remix is a summit for arts, culture, technology and entrepreneurship, which started six years ago in London. Backed by Google and Bloomberg among others, it now is held annually in New York, London and Sydney.

The Sydney chapter of Remix has grown to be the largest Remix on the planet, and with that accolade has fast become known for its ability to secure global thought leaders as keynotes.

Michael Rose (Chairman, Committee for Sydney), entertains Justine Baker (COO Solotel) and John Wardle (Live Music Office)
Dan Goods (Visual Strategist, NASA) and Diego Radivoy (General Director, Creative Industries, Buenos Aires City Government)

Why does Remix matter?

Technology has disrupted the arts and culture space in the same way it has almost everything, creating challenges and opportunities for the sector. These extend far beyond our well known institutions, to the cities in which they are hosted. As we know all too well in Sydney, it’s a battleground for audience and keeping up or even better, getting ahead of the curve, is the opportunity that Remix creates for sector participants, by bringing together the best globally, with local creative sector business leaders.

Katy Clark (President, Brooklyn Academy of Music) and Lisa Havilah (Executive Director, CarriageWorks)
Michael Rodrigues (MD, Time Out Australia) and Peter Tullin (Remix Co-founder)
Tess Ariotti (Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Samsung) and Sarah Ellis (Director of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company)
Justine Baker (COO Solotel) and John Wardle (Live Music Office)

Never ones to miss the opportunity to welcome international and interstate guests, the Time Out Fun Doctors were out in full force at the opening night party, writing prescriptions for fun times in Sydney (pesky lockout laws notwithstanding). The party was curated by Time Out in conjunction with our friends at the Powerhouse Museum, and featured an exclusive gig by one of the conference keynotes, Beatie Wolfe.

Mike Rodrigues (MD, Time Out Australia)
Beatie Wolfe

Remix Summit New York takes place March 22-23, 2018. The Time Out Coffeehouse is an occasional dinner format hosted by Time Out. It follows the tradition of the 17th century London coffeehouses, which at that time were the place educated and open-minded folk would gather to exchange ideas and hear news of the world, free from “bawdy talk” as one would find in the alehouses of the day. Our take on this concept sees devices left at the door, curated guest lists and menu, and inspiring conversations which escalate in volume and insight with each Espresso Martini.

Michael Rodrigues is MD of Time Out Australia. You can reach Michael on 02 8239 5990 or, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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