Time Out magazine is going free and quarterly. Here’s why…

We’ve transformed our print product into a bumper quarterly edition featuring the best the season has to offer, and removed the cover charge in the process. We think you’ll like our new look

At Time Out, we know the way our audience consumes our content. We understand which headlines our readers are most likely to click on, which articles keep them engaged right until the end and which topics they get passionate about.

Our commitment to understanding our audience – coupled with the ability to adapt our channel strategies to suit changing behaviour  – is why we are about to celebrate our 50th birthday as a global brand. And as of 2018, we’ve recognised that it’s time to transform our Sydney and Melbourne periodicals into free, quarterly magazines.

The decision to transition from a monthly into a quarterly model draws on insights in other Time Out markets, and recognises Australian market challenges such as contraction in subscription services, and decline in newsagency visitation. The Sydney and Melbourne magazines will be premium ‘best-ofs’, featuring long-form features, hyper-local content and guides to the biggest events of the season, drawing on the learnings from our international network including Time Out Chicago, San Francisco and Miami, to name a few.

We’ll also be removing the cover charge, switching from a newsstand-focussed model to high-visibility targeted sampling in desirable commuter routes, as well as selected partner venues across Sydney and Melbourne (theatres, galleries and hotels). Maintaining absolute control over the distribution of our magazines allows us to target and preserve the same engaged, high-quality audience Time Out has built its commercial reputation upon.

For our partners, the new free, quarterly model presents a range of benefits, including:

  1. Extended shelf-life – Time Out magazines are now in market for three months per issue, rather than one
  2. Wider distribution at key commuter times and locations, and the ability to increase and customise distribution based on advertiser requirements
  3. Increased opportunities to collaborate more deeply on exclusive and premium content executions
  4. A simplified, unified pricing model across Sydney and Melbourne
  5. The chance to own the magazine cover outright, through purchasing a cover wrap

Through this new model, we look forward to offering advertising partners even more opportunities for bespoke multi-channel solutions across our platforms, which include our desktop, mobile, tablet, app, social media, events, and of course, print.

Our first quarterly edition was launched in March 2018 across Sydney and Melbourne. We were supported by partners including Visit Victoria, Pepsi, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Playwave, Southern Comfort, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne Theatre Company and more.

Learn more about our standard rates here, and our new print schedule here.

To take advantage of launch partner advertising packages in our next quarterly issue, contact: (Sydney) Mark Davies on 02 8239 5950 or mark.davies@au.timeout.com or (Melbourne) Elise Bucholtz on 03 8415 8001 or elise.bucholtz@au.timeout.com. 

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