Time Out readers value protection and reputation as well as fun

Our recent audience survey revealed our readers have insurance and a preference for ethical banking

In our recent audience survey we asked our loyal Time Out followers about everything from socialising to saving, from insurance to travel, home fitness to fun, what makes a good life and what they value.

Outside of all the fun stuff, returning to the city and their health were two important themes.

When it came to insurance, 91% of those surveyed revealed they have it, recommend it and understand the importance of it now more than ever. Health insurance was held by 75%, 50% had home and contents insurance and 25% even had life insurance. When we asked those that didn’t have any why, the main reason was that the process of finding insurance felt too complicated for many people, rather than cost being a barrier to entry.

When it came to banking, reputation, rates and service were most important to our readers. As our audience are always on the go the quality of apps was also mentioned. Ethics, interestingly, ranked higher than portfolios and credit cards. What this tells us is that our readers are active, do their research and are mindful of banks that have a positive impact. 

The Time Out audience is looking for information, seeking out good customer service and added benefits or rewards when it comes to where and how they spend their money. Like us, they are passionate about their cities, their needs and the greater good.

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