What our readers want the most: connection and good mental health

Results from our recent audience survey reveal an emphasis on health, wellbeing and leisure time

In a recent audience survey, when asked what their best life includes, our readers indicated where their priorities lie. With the mindset of lockdown shifting priorities for many, our audience values things that may have been severely affected by the restrictions. 

Time and mental health were among the highest priorities for our audience, with 89% valuing time with loved ones, 88% valuing mental health as well, and 69% valuing time for self care. A vast majority of them mentioned they meditate, take supplements and work out regularly proving the practice of a balanced lifestyle is one they truly value. 

When asked why they prioritise well-being and fitness in their lives, most said it was to make them feel physically, mentally and emotionally stronger, for a break from the stress, to get away from the desk and to keep up with friends. Whilst the majority said it was for physiological reasons, some said it was to enable them to eat more and enjoy it. That sure sounds reasonable considering one thing that was universally valued across our audience was the love of great food (93%) and travelling (96%), proving enjoyment and movement are two good things worth prioritising. 

Lastly, when it comes to taking time out, how do our readers like to spend it? Walking was cited by 85%, just over 40% mentioned strength and conditioning followed by just under 30% for yoga. This shows that being out whilst looking about is in Time Out readers’ DNA.

Our recent Time Out Tomorrow survey not only covered wellbeing, social behaviours and attitudes toward returning to the city, but it also covered our readers’ goals, values, attitudes toward finance, consumption and more. To find out more about how these insights can help support your future marketing needs contact hyo.joo@timeout.com or monica.balaz@timeout.com.

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