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Desktop display

Our desktop display products offer above and below-the-fold advertising options. Wow the Time Out audience through our unmissable premium Billboard and Half Page units. Or stretch your marketing dollar a little further with our standard display options – including IAB standard ad formats, leaderboards and MRECs. We offer run of site, section targeting and also audience targeting to suit your needs.

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High impact placement (desktop)

Need a show stopper? Consider using this high impact advertising execution to make sure your campaign is unmissable across desktop and mobile. A high impact placement includes Billboard, Half Pages, MRecs, Leaderboard, Mobile Leaderboard and Skin. High impact takeovers incur day rate prices that vary according to each section.

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Video display

Our video platform allows you to circulate your video advertising within our content. Video commences once the user is below the fold, while sound is activated on mouse-over. Consumers can engage with the video and click through to your desired landing page. Video units are present on all article pages. Videos only render if visible to the user, collapse when video is finished, and pause if/when no longer visible.

Video are booked ‘per video start’ and around 62% of page impressions result in a video start.

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Native advertising

We offer premium placements throughout our sites to increase brand awareness. These locations vary from homepages to content sites and are limited to one advertiser per week. This offers brands exclusive coverage in a highly visible location.

Content drivers

Content drivers run under the ‘You Might Also Like’ section throughout our site and are located below the fold. These drivers run on a rotational basis and push content as well as related articles from the web that target the unique browser. Content drivers are booked per number of impressions.

Specs (desktop display)

Ad type Dimensions Format Size
Billboard 970×250 GIF, JPG, or raw HTML5

Third party tags (polite loaded)



Half page 300×600 GIF, JPG, or raw HTML5

Third party tags (polite loaded)



MREC 300×250 GIF, JPG, or raw HTML5

Third party tags (polite loaded)



Leaderboard 728×90 GIF, JPG, or raw HTML5

Third party tags (polite loaded)



Mobile MREC 300×250 GIF, JPG, or raw HTML5

Third party tags (polite loaded)



Mobile Leaderboard 320×50 GIF, JPG, or raw HTML5

Third party tags (polite loaded)



File size

  • We encourage clients to keep creative sizes as small as possible to ensure a positive user experience and quicker rendering to get better results for your brand.
  • Any files that fall outside of the above file size spec will impact delivery, engagement and viewability of display. Time Out is not accountable for the underperformance of creative caused by files provided outside these specifications
  • Heavy ad load affects our SEO ranking in Google. To help us stay on top and reach our audience, we need you to comply with our specs. If you have any issues with file size, please feel free to get in touch with our ad ops team

IAS & Moat tracking

  • If IAS or Moat is being implemented in third party tags please provide a geography, content and keyword blocking list so we can work together to deliver a successful campaign
  • We track all our ads using IAS, and this information is available to clients on request


  • We are a secure site and as a result all tags must be supplied in a secure script
  • Any tags that have not been secured will not render on our site


  • We follow standard DFP guidelines for HTML 5 creative
  • They can be provided in third party tags, DoubleClick Campaign Manager tag or self-contained HTML5 creative

Materials (desktop)

  • Banners can be JPG, GIF, compressed HTML5 or supplied via secure third party or DoubleClick tags
  • All banners and URLs must be received 5 working days in advance of display
  • Please clearly indicate a click-through URL (even for third party tags – to ensure proper testing)
  • All ads are served run-of-site, unless otherwise specified
  • We do not accept Flash files

Materials (mobile)

  • Banners can be JPG, GIF or compressed HTML5 and must be less than 40k, or supplied via secure third party or DoubleClick tag and must be less than 60k
  • Please clearly indicate a click-through URL (even for third party tags – to ensure proper testing)
  • We do not accept Flash files
  • All ads are served run-of-site, unless otherwise specified

All ad formats are in accordance with IAB display guidelines.

HTML5 creative format Creative format description
Third party tag The HTML5 creative will be stored on a third party server
DoubleClick Studio creatives A HTML5 creative will be directly pushed to your DFP network from DoubleClick Studio
DoubleClick Campaign Manager tag (DCM inred) A HTML5 creative hosted by an advertiser/agency using DoubleClick Campaign Monitor
Self-contained HTML5 creative A self-contained HTML5 creative in a single code snippet


Specs (Skin)

  • Please supply skin as a single creative asset (GIF or JPG)
  • "Visible area on a small screen": Place all campaign messaging and logos here
  • "Content area": Skin is not visible within this area, please leave blank
  • Single click-through URL must be provided (only one can be implemented)


High Impact Takeover specs

If you are running a High Impact Takeover, you will be required to supply at least one of each of the assets below:

Type Dimensions (WxH, px) Size Format Third Party Tags
Billboard 970×250 <60KB GIF or JPG <100KB
Leaderboard 728x90 <40KB GIF or JPG <100KB
Half Page 300×600 <40KB GIF or JPG <100KB
Skin (breakdown above) 1900x1200 <220KB GIF or JPG
MREC 300×250 <40KB GIF or JPG HTML5, Celtra
Mobile Leaderboard 320×50 <15KB GIF or JPG HTML5, Celtra


  • Please note all detail listed above with regards to HTTPS, HTML5, Flash, materials and creative format.
  • All specs listed above also apply to the High Impact Placement.

Specs (Video display)

Please supply your assets to the following specification:

  • Resolution: min 640×360, max 1920×1080
  • File size: up to 500 mo
  • Format: mov, mpeg4, avi, wma etc.
  • Length: 30 sec max (additional technical fee for ads over 30 sec)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (not supported: 4:3)
  • Codec: Standard Video Codec formats accepted (not supported: ProRes 4444, HDV 720p60, Go2 Meeting 3&4, ER AAC LD, REDCODE)
  • Sound: On
  • Redirects: URL redirection (click command) or VAST redirect
  • Click-through: Videos require a click-through URL

All material must be received 5 working days in advance of display.

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