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Custom publishing is our premier service. Through custom-published content, we leverage over 11 years of local market intelligence – along with 50 years of brand heritage – to deliver a quality, bespoke product that will exceed your communications objectives.

Time Out custom products typically follow one of the following three formats: branded content, custom publishing and white label. Subject to your objectives, Time Out will consult with you to agree upon the most relevant packaging for your product, prior to commencement.

Pictured: A branded dual-language print guide for the City of Sydney's Chinese New Year celebrations (February 2018). See the case study here.

Branded Content

Leverage Time Out’s brand equity to meet your objectives

Branded Content projects package and publish your message within the Time Out environment. We’ll write content to address your objectives and design it as a Time Out-branded publication. Your product will look, read and feel like a Time Out product, enabling you to tap into our proprietary channels, leveraging pre-rolled marketing and distribution opportunities.

Branded Content products typically utilise Time Out (ie digital channels, the magazine, or a custom print product) as a distribution platform.

Time Out-branded guide to Bangkok and Phuket produced for Tourism Authority Thailand (February 2019);
Time Out-branded broadsheet newspaper produced for VisitCanberra (November 2018)



Custom Publishing

Allow Time Out to produce and support your marketing communications

Custom Publishing projects involve Time Out writing, designing and producing tailor-made publishing products to answer your objectives. Unlike Branded Content products, Custom Publishing products are branded to suit your brand’s guidelines, and therefore look and feel like your brand, but are created by Time Out.

In this format, we advise an association with Time Out throughout the product, in order for your brand to fully maximise the brand equity inherent in the Time Out logo. For example, a print guide may carry ‘In association with Time Out’ on the cover and contents page.

Custom Published projects are typically published off-platform, although print solutions (think guidebooks, printed maps) often utilise Time Out’s proprietary print channels as a distribution platform.

Pictured: Singapore guidebook produced for Singapore Tourism Board guidebook, within STB's brand guidelines (October 2018)

White Label

Commission Time Out to ghostwrite your marketing communications

White Label executions adopt the same model as Custom Publishing (Time Out produces the required content and product to your brand guidelines), only Time Out relinquishes all credit and copyright to the sponsor. Distribution for White Label products is typically off-platform.

Examples include custom guidebooks, content feeds and major copywriting projects. Due to NDAs, Time Out may not be at liberty to disclose existing or past sponsors of White Label arrangements.

Pictured: White Label guide to the area surrounding CommBank's new offices, in South Eveleigh (September 2018). 

How we work

While we understand our brand and our markets, we understand that your objectives are paramount to any custom project. We work collaboratively and consultatively to ensure a thorough objectives-focussed project plan is agreed before any creative work commences.

Time Out’s creative team then takes on the brief, working to the objectives and timeframes described in the project plan. Unlike our competitors, Time Out Custom products are written, shot, designed and produced by the same world-class creatives that produce our regular consumer products.

Depending on the composition of your project, Time Out offers the full suite of creative services to create, deliver and distribute your product and message.


Due to the highly tailored and varied nature of custom publishing, our rates vary. Please contact us to find out how we can best reach your desired audience.

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