Programmatic, PMP & RTB

Display advertising through Private Market Place, programmatic, and Real Time Bidding


Bid on Time Out display advertising inventory through Private Market Place deals, or in the Open market place through Real time biding.  Time Out’s inventory is available on Rubicon, Criteo and Index Exchange

Get in touch to arrange a PMP deal with us for your clients. Guaranteed orders are also available.

For any programmatic enquiries please email and we can sort out the best solution for your programmatic strategy

For general advertising enquiries, please contact us.


Desktop display

Premium, above the fold:

Billboard 970x250px
Leaderboard 728x90px
Half Page 300x600px
MREC 300x250px

High viewability, below the fold:

Mid-page MREC 300x250px
Lower MREC 300x250px

Mobile display

High-viewability mobile inventory:

ATF leaderboard 320x50px or 320x100px
BTF MREC 300x250px

First-party inventory segments

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. Opt for national coverage or choose a specific city for local targeting, then combine with another segment for more exact targeting.

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