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Unlike a traditional recession Covid has impacted both supply and consumer behaviour concurrently. Need a hack to get you across the divide? Time Out for Business is for you.

ince 1968 in London, Time Out has been a trusted guide to going out in cities. During a quick visit to a city you might learn a thing or two about them. Stay two years and you know more. Make it your sole mission to understand them? That’s our life’s work.

The result of this mission isn’t simply having a finger on the pulse. It means we have developed an ear to the heartbeat. A heartbeat with a rhythm set by (in varying proportions):

(a) Punters: the citizenry whose habits and interests evolve over time;
(b) Industry: the makers, the creators, the hosts, the performers, the entertainers. The creative class. The innovators within the social economy;
(c) Government: the funders, controllers, enablers or restrictors.

It’s the interaction of all three that results in culture. And culture within, for and created by cities, sits at the heart of our business.

We understand consumer engagement, their ever-changing interaction with the cities they are born into, or move to seeking inspiration. We know what early-adopter consumers want. We know what industry is trying to achieve, the emerging trends and its direction of travel. And we do our best to understand – and in some cases directly influence – government strategies (as these case studies show).

In one sentence? We understand how cities are likely to evolve – where they are headed next.

In management speak? Our USP is our ability to overlay dynamic consumer socialising behaviour with industry economics, supply chain realities and government policy.

It’s a new era for going out. Every participant in the ecosystem needs to adapt to some degree. Audiences are moving quickly, as is the supply chain, and government is now a key player. Doing the same as we did before and expecting a result? That’s lunacy. Using business insights to shape media decisions? That’s our response.

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