Technical specs

Please supply your video file to the following specifications:

  • Resolution: min 640×360, max 1920×1080
  • File size: up to 500 mo
  • Format: mov, mpeg4, avi, wma etc.
  • Length: 30 sec max (additional technical fee for ads over 30 sec)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (not supported: 4:3)
  • Codec: Standard Video Codec formats accepted (not supported: ProRes 4444, HDV 720p60, Go2 Meeting 3&4, ER AAC LD, REDCODE)
  • Sound: On
  • Redirects: URL redirection (click command) or VAST redirect
  • Click-through: Videos require a click-through URL

All material must be received 5 working days in advance of display.